Feb 14

Lake FishingFishing is a great pastime for anyone who wants to relax in Nature’s company, after a hard day or week. But before you start for your fishing expedition, you should ensure that your fishing tackle box is well-stocked. Well, the contents of your tackle box depend on your personal preference, just as that of your tool box. They largely depend on what type of fish you are aiming to catch and some other factors. However, some basic items should be always present in your tackle box. In this regard, Gary’s Tackle Box on LinkedIn is an ideal example of what your tackle box should have. Here are 5 things that are must.

1. Floaters

Floaters or bobbers are helpful to know when there are bites from a fish. Upon a bite, the floater sinks. So, you can know that you should reel your catch in. There are some choices when it comes to floaters. Mostly people are aware of plastic white and round red floaters. Of these, round ones are better because they are easy to attach to the line, just with a clip. However, they put limits on how deep you can cast the line.

A slip floater is the best because it allows you to slide it up and down the line. They take a bit longer to rig, but the time is worth because you can achieve more depth.

2. Sinkers

The hook and worm are too light to achieve depth. Sinkers are necessary to add weight to your fishing rig. But sinkers have a tendency to get lost and so it is necessary to have adequate of them in your tackle box. They are conventionally made of lead, but slowly they are getting outlawed due to environmental concerns. Other materials are steel, bismuth, tungsten and brass.

3. Extra Hooks

In any case, your tackle box should have a variety of hooks so as to help you with any kind of fish. Many anglers are fans of the traditional J-hook, but some others are ready to swear by the French hook. But whichever type you choose, ensure that you have them of various sizes. It’s not at all sane to fish for river trout with hook apt for a 120-pound catfish.

4. Extra Line

You may get your line trapped on a log or it can get a bite from a monster, some or the other time your fishing line is going to break during some fishing trip. So, some extra line has to be there in your tackle box. The line will depend largely upon your location and type of fish. If the conditions are rough, the line should be more durable and heavier than the regular one. If a crystal clear lake is your location, stealth is important and so, a thin, clear line is more appropriate.

5. Plastic Worms

Though you may be a big fan of live bait, it’s advisable to have a pack of plastic worms in your tackle box, particularly if you are on a bass fishing trip. They are available in various colors and sizes. Those having long tails can be easily used. Some anglers are of opinion that specific colors increase the number of bites. If you have experienced that, you can keep some extra plastic worms of that color in your box.