Jun 17
best inflatable paddle board

As an ardent angler, you always look for new fishing destinations. But have you ever looked for a new fishing style? If you are planning to do so, paddle board fishing is something great to consider. It’s quite different from the regular fishing you are accustomed to and so, you’ll enjoy it. A paddle board enables you to go to some shallow spots which a boat cannot take you to. Here are a few tips to help you out if you decide to give paddle board fishing a try.

1. Is Your Paddle Board Perfect?

The first and foremost thing to do is to make sure the paddle board you choose is right for you. You should choose one that is particularly designed for fishing and have fishing boxes installed in the front. The fishing boxes are meant for holding a paddle and fishing gears. They are available with pole holders and can also store your catch. You can also get the best inflatable paddle board.

Some paddle boards are to be operated with your own energy while some others have engines. It depends on your personal preference which one of them to choose.

2. Make it Simple and Light

Remember that the heavier your paddle board, the more the stress on the operating person or engine. You can lighten things by carrying simple lures that are small and easy to cast. Your casting techniques too should be simple, because using advanced techniques is only going to complicate things, but has no benefit.

3. Use Wind to Your Advantage

Whichever spot you choose for fishing, you should consider the wind first regarding how you can use it to your advantage. Look for areas which would allow you to use the wind to float your back. If you try to go against the wind, it’ll only create problems and stress for you. So, it’s advisable to let it blow you around when you are on a paddle board.

4. Don’t Be Scared of Wading

Fishing from a paddle board is definitely exciting. But if a particular spot asks you for wading, do it. This way you get a better opportunity to catch more fish. Just jump off your paddle board, fasten it to your waist and wade. After leaving that spot, hop back on your board and move towards another spot.

5. Use the Same Lure as Long as Possible

Changing fishing lures or other equipment is much harder on a paddle board than on a boat because a paddle board is shaky and doesn’t offer much space as a regular board. Hence, use the same lure as long as possible.

If done in the right way, paddle board fishing can offer you an amazing experience. Try it and you’ll agree to it.