Aug 31

fishinsitesAre you looking forward to your autumn Australian bass fishing? If you have been fishing Australian Bass in the summer, don’t worry, in autumn you will use pretty much the same techniques. As a matter of fact, Australian Bass fish are likely to be caught in the same summer hid outs during the fall, before they migrate downstream in order to spawn along the south-east Australian coast, in the estuaries. Where you can fish Australian Bass in the autumn months? In creeks, rivers and streams stretching up from the estuaries along the coast of New South Whales and Victoria. Migration will not always happen in all these waters, since many of them are damned. The main difference between the seasons is the depth at which Australian bass can be caught. As the temperature of the water heats up, these fish move into deeper water. In general, they have preference for water around 18°C to 21°C. Australian Bass are likely to be found while hiding around and in sunken trees, under overhanging brush; during the day, these fish are always in the shade waiting to ambush their prey. They retreat deeper, the brighter and the higher the sun is. In lower depths, they chase after baitfish. In case there are no prey fish at these depths, they wait for the night to actively chase their prey. Novice anglers make a mistake by taking this information to mean that fishing Australian Bass in newly shaded areas is wise and prosperous. However, border areas between sunlight and shade are usually too warm and avoided by Australian Bass.

Nights offer great Australian Bass fishing, especially in the summer, since they move out of hiding, coming alive and going on binge eating excursions. In these months, the best working fishing baits and lures are insects and baitfish. In general, it’s difficult to find lure, bait or tackle that won’t cause these fish to strike at whatever you present them. In case the fish doesn’t seem to strike at the lure, try to appeal on its sense of territory. Cast the bait into their territory and they will strike out of defense. Of course, it’s easier to do in daylight hours, since Australian Bass are limited to their common hiding spots. At night, however, they move around and therefore they are hard to locate with no fish finder. Crankbaits are more effective for night fishing than regular fishing lures. In low light conditions, it’s recommended to use spoons and spinners, too.