Dec 26

The purpose of going for fishing is to catch fish for most anglers. If you have ever experienced a day on lake without being able to catch a single fish, the you know how disappointing and frustrating it is to return home with empty hands after spending so much of time on fishing. There are certain things an angler can do to maximize his or her chances of catching fish. Let us see what those are.

Firstly and most importantly, you should make sure that the lake you are planning to go is filled with fish. Fishing a lake that you are not very sure has plenty of fish will be a big waste of time. Confirm with your local Game and Inland Fisheries Department to understand what kind of fish the lake is full of. Knowing the kind of fish the lake is full of will help you in determining what kind of bait you must use.

Fish can’t be predicted easily. It is not possible to know when or what fish will be feeding on at any provided time. So, changing between live bait and numerous artificial baits will only maximize your chances of drawing their attention. You should try distinguishing between top water baits, plastic worms, live baits and spinner baits like worms or minnows until something really works for you.

When you go to the lake, look around and find lily pads, large rocks, logs where you may see the fish hiding, since these will be important areas to target. You should never stand in the same place for long time. Throw your bait near to lily pads, rocks, and logs where fish are hiding. If you are not able to catch anything then move ahead to next spot. There are good chances of catching fish when you cover more ground.

Going for fishing and returning empty handed is no fun. The next time you when you go out for fishing follow these above mentioned tips and make your fishing experience fantastic and successful.