Aug 14

winter bass fishingDo you like bass fishing in cold water? Maybe winter is not the best season to fish bass, but if the water is over 45 degrees, there is a great chance to catch an amazing catch. So, you don’t have to wait for the spring season to enjoy your favorite outdoor activity. In general, bass are not used to water under 45 degrees, but you have a decent chance to catch it if it’s 45 to 50 degrees and you will surely catch something if the water is 52 degrees and above. How do we know this? Well, I went fishing, and still I go, no matter what the temperature. Also, I go to several tournaments and some of them are held under quite cold condition. Now, I will share some of my tactics with you. Since they work for me in water temperatures from 45 to 52 degrees, these tactics might also be useful to you. 

  • As the water cools down, fish slow down. Fishing slowly is recommended. Bass in colder water are less likely to hit fast moving baits, therefore you should slow presentation down in order to give fish enough time to eat the bait.
  • Find fishing banks with at least 30 percent drop. Fishing steeper banks is the way to catch bass, since they like to move in short distances, vertically, during cold winter months and bluff banks are therefore great.
  • Choosing a bait is important. Bass jigs from Toad Products might be the right choice. Bass fishing jig and pig is perhaps the best bait for colder waters. It’s recommended to crawl the bait slowly along and to make it stop and twitch once anglers bump cover. Jigging spoons moved in one place up and down will work well.
  • Scented baits might help induce a bass bite in cold water.

Dress for the cold weather and give winter bass angling a try!