Feb 15

DCIM100GOPROWhen you look around the baits created by master bait-builder Nathan Bettencourt, you will notice that these lures are distinct in both function as well as design. Nathan Bettencourt strives to create lures having triggering characteristics which are not found in lures created by other makers. Bettencourt has a background in both lure building and fly fishing, and so he can “tie” both of them together. Bettencourt Baits Dying Bluegill, for example, is a master creation and is one of the first of its types.

Cast the Dying Bluegill out and it will float on the surface on its side like a dying or dead Bluegill, with its soft fur fins rolling in the water. The soft fins of this hard-bodied multi-jointed bait add a fine movement and thus offer it a lifelike touch. This alone looks like a great dead stick bait. But there is more! Lower the rod tip and provide it a bit tug and extremely slowly start cranking and the bait rights itself and starts to struggle and swim. It will dive to around 2 feet. When you stop retrieving, the bait falls on its side and floats on the surface.

The Dying Bluegill resembles a dying Bluegill because it swims briefly, struggling for a while and finally croaking. As the flat-bodied bait floats slowly to the surface, its off-positioned hook makes it lay flat on its side. When you give it the slight pop which makes it take a shallow dive, it welcomes hungry bass for an effortless meal.

Because of the weighting and design of Dying Bluegill, it is made to be fished in start and stop or dead stick manner. But it works best with a slower dead stick approach, blended with a small intermittent twitching.

The Dying Bluegill is equipped with a super sharp #4 Gamakatsu treble hook.

Bettencourt builds every lure one at a time by hand and uses only the finest of components. After completing the creation he initials and dates each of them. Most lures can be customized with your name for no extra price.

So, for better fishing experience get the creative and high-quality baits built by Nathan Bettencourt and your angling expeditions will get new dimensions of enjoyment.