Apr 5

Big Bass Fishing TipsDo you daydream about catching a big bass? Almost every novice angler does. Even though you can haul in a trophy from time to time, there are several tips that can increase your odds dramatically. Professional anglers use these tips in tournaments, but as a beginner you can follow these suggestions to help you hunt down the catch you yearn for. At this moment we will focus on necessary equipment.

Reel and rod don’t have to be the most expensive ones available on market. And even if you buy the best equipment, as a novice, you would probably misuse it. So, look for good quality gear and affordable prices. Spinning gear is recommended if you are not so comfortable with bait casters. Your fishing experience should not be irritating, but fun. So, for the start, go with the rod and reel that are affordable and of lightest weight, otherwise after a whole day of tossing baits, you will get really tired.

Terminal tackle, that equipment between the angler and the pole, includes hooks and lines. Also, do not go for those too expensive lines. Don’t go for the cheapest ones, neither. It is recommended to find those middle ground lines made by a trusted company. Of course you would like to fish with the lightest line, but you will risk losing your big bass due to the broken line. Well, you certainly don’t want that to happen. Hooks are nowadays of very high quality, so buy sharp, good hooks. Also, think about your catch: sharp means hooked. Therefore you should always have a hook sharpener with you in a tackle box. And although matching the hatch is usually used for fly fishing, keep in mind that it is important in any type of fishing.

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