Mar 1

bluefin tuna fishingEverybody would agree on one thing: bluefin tuna fishing is not the easiest thing to do, but once a man hooks the fish, he will be in for thrill of a lifetime. Catching this magnificent fish will certainly increase everyone’s adrenaline level, because these fish are great fighters. Therefore, fishing for bluefin tuna requires time, patience, endurance, strength and the right gear. At website set up as a forum devoted to selling and buying used fishing tackle, focused on fishing gear for bluefin tuna. The aim of this website is to connect those who would like to sell and buy used, but high quality fishing gear.

Why are bluefin tuna so hard to be caught? These fish are difficult to be reeled in, because they can move swiftly and continuously in circles. So, you need to be patient and to wait for them. Also, they can take off at great speeds with fishing line in tow. Bluefin tuna fish reach are so magnificent and great, because they live up to 40 years. Therefore, it is possible for them to weigh even 2 thousand pounds. Their speed can be 60 mph and even greater.

What is the best season for catching bluefin tuna? Being the warm-blooded fish, summer might be the better period for fishing these fish, because they like the warm surface of water nearby the coast. In the winter, catching bluefin tuna is harder, because they go and stay deeper, so they are very hard to find. And pay attention to the signals nature gives you. When flocks of birds are skimming the surface of the water, there is a great chance to find various fish there, including bluefin tuna. However, sometimes you can find these fish even if there are no birds in sight. Also, the presence of sharks and whales might be the indicator that bluefin tuna fish are in the area.