Jan 6
carp fishing near me

If you want to learn carp fishing, you will need to have some basic knowledge about the fish and how to catch it. Here is such basic knowledge and a few useful tips.

What is Carp?

Carp is a group of fish belonging to Cyprinidae family that are large, freshwater fish native to Europe and Alaska, but have reached several other countries by now. The opinion about them is varied as in some countries, they are considered to be invasive.

Some major carp species are common carp, silver carp, bighead carp, grass carp, mrigal carp, catla carp, mud carp, crucian carp and black carp. Diet of each of them is different but generally includes crustaceans, aquatic insects and plants and the like.

Carp are renowned as still-water fish; thus if you think, “Which are the carp fishing lakes near me?” you may find numerous of them. But carp have also developed their population successfully in rivers and canal systems. Based on availability of food, they can grow up to 2 to 6 pounds a year.

Carp Fishing Tips

Have Great Patience

Carp are notorious to strike bait gently a few times before actually striking it. Offer your carp an opportunity to take the bait before trying to set the hook. Keeping a hook remover at hand is a good idea to be able to remove a hook from a carp who gulped it.

Look for Ducks

If you have a question like “Where can be carp fishing near me?” an easy way to find it is to look for ducks or geese because there are high chances for fishing close to them. Carp tend to follow ducks, particularly in areas where humans feed ducks so that they can get free bread meal. Just take care not to hurt ducks while casting out your line.

Use Correct Hook Color

While fishing for carp, a black matte hook tends to give you the best results. If you use corn as bait, a gold or yellow hook will be the best; however, avoid using a shining hook if the water is murky as the carp will notice it and flee away.

Corn is Nice

In carp fishing, corn is one of the best baits. Its texture, flavor and color are highly attractive for most common carp species. Sweet corn in a can works much better than corn off a cob, most probably due to the flavors and added sodium.

Hopefully these tips will make your carp fishing successful. Wish you all the luck!