Oct 10

fishing for foodIf you intend to catch fish purely for the purpose of satisfying your taste buds, you will perhaps want to do it differently than if you were doing it for the excitement of the fight. Plenty of efficient ways exist with which you can catch fish for eating and they don’t involve even the use of rod and reel. You also may probably want to target fish that make the evergreen seafood or freshwater fish that taste the best rather than the enthralling fighting species.

Catching Saltwater Fish for Food

It is perhaps a universally agreed fact that seafood or saltwater fish taste better than their freshwater cousins; but they are also more difficult to catch. You will require a boat for catching dolphin, called mahi-mahi. Other saltwater fish like flounder come near the shore and you can catch them from piers, bridges and even beaches. If you want to catch them for food, better you select those which you can get your hands on easily, rather than those which make you spend a lot more on them than you want to save on food by eating the freshly caught fish. Two great ways to catch various types of fish relatively easily is surf fishing and pier fishing. A pier enables you to reach deeper waters which are the habitat of bigger fish. Some piers are for a small charge while others are free for fishing. Many piers even have plenty of tackle and bait shops on them. Other point to access waters is fishing jetties; but you will have to be careful as waves breaking on rocks there can be dangerous.

pier fishing

Freshwater Fish for Eating

When it comes to freshwater fishing for food, they can be caught from the banks; some of them are a bit easier than other freshwater fish. You can usually cast to water from the shore of a stream or a pond, but the waters of larger rivers and lakes are quite inaccessible, unless you take a boat. Fish like bluegill roam mostly around the shoreline while others such as trout prefer deeper waters and can be caught only by jigging (with a gear that can be jerked up and down the water) or trolling (by trailing a line following a slowly moving boat) in very deep water. These factors too should be taken into consideration while choosing the fish.

freshwater fishing

Food Fish that can be Caught Easily

Many fish that usually are caught for recreational purpose make good food too. Examples of these are flounder, perch, Pollock and bream. They taste awesome. And they are great fighters too. So, you can enjoy the food as well as thrill. Catfish and crappie are other fish that taste nice and are easy to catch. Crappie is a famous freshwater fish with its sweet soft white flesh. They gladly take minnows under bridges at night and around shore in the spring. Catfish can be caught in most rivers and lakes from the bank. They hit the bait fished on the floor of the water. Even night fishing for them is great.

crappie cooked

Amongst saltwater fish that have excellent taste and are easy to catch include sea bass and croaker. These can be caught at jetties, piers and off beaches. They make a good fight too, and even greater when cooked. If you want to start saltwater fishing with some easy fish, they are the best to learn.

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