Oct 20

Tasun_Fishing_Lure_Retriever_left_viewMost anglers find lure fishing the most enjoyable type of fishing. However it is inevitable for any angler to get her/his lure snagged some or the other time. There are some methods to get your lure unfastened. These are letting the lure loose which lets it to float and you can recover it. Other method is the Jackal shake, i.e. to give some rapid-fire short flicks of the rod tip or shake the lure literally out of the woodwork. But when all these methods fail, what you need is a fishing lure retriever.

Fishing Lure Retrievers

Tasun Fishing Retriever - Slot for Insert-line

Tasun Fishing Retriever – Slot for Insert-line

Fishing lure retrievers are of two types, a push pole or a weight on a cord. Experienced anglers prefer push pole for many situations but both the types have their own pros and cons.


Push Pole

Push pole types of retrievers contains a solid wire pigtail on the tip of a multi-section graphite or fiberglass pole. The pole sections are available in 1.5m lengths and can be comfortably screwed together to achieve the desired length. You can purchase as many poles as you want.

A big drawback of push pole type of retriever is its unwieldiness in a small boat. If you constantly use more than three sections, it may become very hard to control, particularly if you are angling solo. Moreover, the poles are also in a habit of being dropped overboard.


  • More effective than cord type retrievers in strong currents
  • Useful to “push” lures off snags
  • Very high chances of successful retrieval of lures
  • No need of clips or snaps to hold the lure


  • Need plenty of space in a small boat
  • Effective depth only to length of pole
  • Prone to drop overboard
  • Pricier than cord type retrievers
  • Difficult to use single-handed

    Tasun Fishing Lure Retriever - Left View

    Tasun Fishing Lure Retriever – Left View


Cord Type of Retriever

In the cord type of retrievers there are again two choices for you regarding the actual structure of the cord and the retrieval method to be used. The most basic type has a lead body the end of which has a diamond-shaped wire loop. To use it, you just need to open up the wire, slide it over your line and let it slip down till the diamond loop’s tip lodges over the snap swivel or clip. This works pretty well. But if you want it to be more effective, you can attach your lure with some type of snap for the this type of retriever to hold onto.

The next cord type retriever has loops, chains or some other tangling accessories instead of wire. To use this type of retriever, you indeed have to be quite much straight over the top of the lure to bring about the retrieval process effectively. However, strong currents make these types of retrievers quite less effective unless you have an ultra heavy-duty model.


  • Easy to carry and store
  • Comparatively easy to use single-handedQuick to setup
  • Inexpensive
  • Chances of successful retrieval are moderate to high


  • Prone to tangling
  • Able to only pull and not push lures free
  • Is effective only when almost right over the lure
  • Some of them work only when a snap clip is attached to the lure
  • Tasun Fishing Retriever - Front View

    Tasun Fishing Retriever – Front View


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