Nov 9

Fishing lures are objects attached to the end the fishing line which have the purpose to use vibration, movement and color to resemble the prey and catch the attention of a fish. These objects are equipped with single, double or treble hooks, so the fish attacks and bites the hook. Many types of fishing lures are present nowadays. These fishing lures are manufactured and engineered to appeal to a sense of territory, curiosity, aggression and prey preference of the fish. Depending on which fish species fisherman wants to catch there are fishing lures with many or none moving parts and these lures could be very fast or slow. 

Fishing lures are usually made of plastic, rubber, wood, metal, cork, but also they can consist of feather, animal hair or string. Unique rabbit hair Bass fishing lures have good results in catching the Bass. This is because rabbit hair is an amazing fur that breathes, vibrates and undulates underwater in order to trigger the maximum slashing predatory aggression of the fish. Unique rabbit hair bass fishing lures can have scent pads to apply on the hide side of the hair, tails and claws so the fish cannot resist them. Soft, tender and natural feel of a rabbit hair make fish hold on to lure longer time, so this provides more time to set the hook.

It depends of the season and fishing conditions which lure is it recommended to use. In early spring and late Autumn very successful are fish jigs. Some fishing lures as spinnerbaits and buzzbaits are successful and useful in every season. Soft plastic fishing lures are category of lures made of plastic or rubber designed to resemble fish,  squid, leeches and other creatures and can be used year-round. Hand-poured plastic lures are very popular amongst the best professional fishermen.