Oct 13

FishingAmmoIf you are fond of fishing, that too of float fishing, you know how useful bobbers are. They can suspend the bait at a desired depth, they can carry the baited hook to unreachable areas of water by permitting the float to drift in the prevalent current due to their buoyancy and they also serve as bite indicators. Here we are talking about an amazing bobber brand – ShellBobbers or FishingAmmo which has been invented by Jeff and Dusty, who will be presenting their much admired product on the hit TV show of ABC – SharkTank, on 25th October at 9 pm EST.

How was FishingAmmo Invented?

ShellBobbersJeff and Dusty who are friends since they were kids invented ShellBobbers just by accident. Once while on a water duck hunting trip, when they fired a shot and saw an empty shell floating on the water, the idea of ShellBobbers struck to Jeff’s mind and Dusty brought it into reality. This gave birth to an amazing fishing accessory which incorporated both fishing and hunting industries and came into existence with the name ShellBobbers. After some more product ideas, both the friends realized the need to grow into a brand that could serve fishing and hunting enthusiasts and thus FishingAmmo was born.

FishingAmmo – A Cool Stuffing for Christmas Stockings

Christmas is approaching and so to say, it is never too early to begin shopping for Christmas. FishingAmmo will make the most awesome and innovative Christmas stocking stuffers of the year. You can get them by visiting FishingAmmo.com. The guys have kept interesting prizes too for voting for them.

Custom ShellBobbers

It is a great idea to have your own customized ShellBobbers with your own name or logos or company name or the name of an event on them. You can order such custom ShellBobbers too on FishingAmmo.com and you will stand out in the crowd. You will just have to fill in a simple form about what type of customization you want and you will get the custom ShellBobbers!

custom shellbobbers

Other Attractions and Products

FishingAmmo.com has many other products too for you, like shirts and fishing poles. Plus they have attractive monthly contests. What’s more, you have chances to have your photos on social networking websites, newsletters and other publications.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit FishingAmmo.com today and enter their contests and also get the amazing ShellBobbers to have a never-before fishing experience. And also don’t forget to watch them on the ABC’s hit show SharkTank on 25th October at 9 pm!