Feb 18

If you are planning to go fishing in the wilderness, you have to be more careful and perhaps bring your camping equipment. Although your focus will be on catching the fish, you should also take some hunting equipment, so keep your self informed, for example, Compound Vs Recurve Bow. Know where you go and who you what you might meet. 

You have to know the water well before you can pack the proper fishing equipment. Once you are in the wilderness, you cannot go home if you have forgotten something or you get to camp without the proper tackle. So, find out everything about the water. Is it shallow or deep, clear or turbid? And, know your what you can catch there, of course. The answers to these questions will guide you well to the lovely fishing experience, because you will know exactly what equipment you will need. Minnows are not practical enough to be taken on a wilderness trip, plus they might be prohibited in certain area. Leaches may be a nice option to use as bait, if they are allowed, of course. You only have to be sure you change water often and that they are somewhere in a shady cool place. You will find worms easily in the wilderness if you turn large rocks and dead logs over and dig around under them.

If you go into the wild to fish, you have to know where to put your catch. Hungry turtles and racoons might steal and snatch your fish, especially in well-used campsites. Here, animals know that they can find food supply easily. Therefore, you have only two possibilities: to take a container with dry ice to keep your catch more than one day long and to stand guard. The second option is to catch just what you can eat as soon as possible.