Apr 11

The summer is near and all of us think about the way to spend some leisurely days fishing and floating down some quite river or the lake. For all fishing lovers like us, having at least some inflatable boat, comfortable raft like the Intex Mariner is preferable. The thing is, fishermen like to fish and we need some budget-friendly option to take us on some nice fishing location, not an incredibly expensive professional boat. Intex Mariner is 10’8” long and its weight is 85 lbs, it has a plastic hard floor, high output pump, motor mount fitting and other standard features. This boat has a capacity of up to 4 adults or the weight of 704 lbs. The floor is rigid enough to allow standing and casting – and, of course, fishing, which is extremely important. Roomy floor makes the boat seem larger and there is even enough space for the catch.

The reinforced PVC is somewhat thicker and there fore more resistant to harsh chemicals and oil, seawater and gas. This plastic makes the Intex Mariner boat more resistant to UV sunlight and abrasion (caused by scrapping against stones and rocks). What has to be mentioned is that even though Intex Mariner is advertised as a raft for four people, if you look for comfort, it is recommended to think about only 2 or 3 adults. This should not be some terrible disadvantage because most of the time people raft alone or with just one person more. Intex Mariner, even very budget priced, is the most expensive raft boat made by Mariner boats and there is a good reason for that price. By purchasing it, you will get a solid and not too expensive boat to make your summer holidays memorable and to enjoy and have wonderful fishing experience.