Aug 4

muskieMuskie is a real fun fish to catch because of its vibrant temperament and wild hunger. This adorable fish is also surrounded by many misconceptions, one of them being the need of fast trolling and big Muskie lures to catch them, which is not true.

Muskie’s Favorite Places

Muskie is fond of weeds and goes even deep within weeds, but its general tendency is to roam outside or near weed-beds so as to lie in wait of other fish, especially Walleye. Places like rocky outcrops, entrances of shallow weedy coves, deep humps, and surrounding waters of small islands and near wild rice beds too are its favorite. Muskie normally like to face the open water and trap their prey between them and the shore, so Muskie hunters prefer to troll along the shore or on the borders of weed beds.

lures for muskie-fishing


You get success in Muskie hunting upon faster trolling than that for Walleye, but there should be a limit. A good trolling speed for Walleye is about 1.5 miles/hour. Muskie anglers usually go for a speed of 10 miles/hour, but ideally the speed should be 4 to 6 miles/hour. A faster speed and baits may get you big Muskie, but a bit of slower speed get you Muskie of all sizes.


It’s a common conception that Muskie hits big lures, but the fact is the fish hits lures of any size. Even with little jigs you use for Walleye, you can get tons of large Muskie. Actually the size of lures should be chosen according to the size of weeds in the spot and the depth at which you intend to fish. On a lake with clear water and not dense weeds, you can use big lures. But it is also true that the lake being clear, can offer greater visibility and so, small lures too are not a problem. The choice is yours as the size really doesn’t matter. The hungry fish hits nearly everything.

all muskie lures

Big trolling lures that are the most popular are J-ll Jointed Rapalas, Ziggy Lures, Wiley Lures, Large Mepps Bucktails, J-13 Deeper Jointed Rapalas, Willy Lures, Swimwizzs, Lucky Strike Wooden Muskie Plugs, Believers, long shallow-running Rapalas, large spinner baits or Hedon Muskie Plugs. There are various colors and some anglers prefer unique combinations which work well. E.g. in a lake like Eagle Lake where there is a high population of Smallmouth Bass, green or brown lures are the most workable.

Within weeds, smaller lures are better, like Thundersticks or 4- to 5-inch Original Floating Rapalas. Jointed J-11 Rapalas and spinner baits too are excellent for catching Muskie of all sizes.


  • If you are a group of 2-3 or more people trolling in a boat, all of you troll with the same lure at the same distance from the boat, which will create an appearance of a school of fish. This attracts Muskie a lot.
  • If you wish to cast between lines of weed thickets or into Water Cabbage patches, various types of crankbaits work excellently. Crankbaits, Spinner Baits, Large Mepps Bucktails, Spooks, Jerk Baits, Dardevle Spoons, Jitter Bugs, Suick and Rattle Baits are utmost popular.
  • Weather doesn’t matter for Muskie fishing. Several fish begin their feeding cycles as there is a change in the atmospheric pressure. Muskie seem to love it when weather and pressure stay constant, no matter how fine or horrific it is on the lake.
  • It is necessary that you use steel leaders all the time. Black leader is the best, because sometimes the shine of silver leader makes the Muskie see it before the lure and so, it may hit the top of the leader and nibble through the line. Your line should be according to the size of your fishing rod. A light to medium rod in open water is usually paired with a 10- to 12-pound test line. In areas with thicker weeds, 12- to 15-pound test is preferable. Braded line is getting extremely popular. A 15-pound test is available which is as thin as 6-pound. If you have planned for a lot of Muskie fishing and think that your fishing line will see plenty of abuse, try the 20-pound braded. It is strong and long-lasting.

A key to successful Muskie fishing is patience. It is possible that you are fishing for hours after hours, but find nothing, and then start getting them in hordes for say an hour, and then again total stoppage occurs. So, you just have to wait and watch, and you are bound to be successful.