Apr 26

An angler who is passionate about ice-fishing dreams always of owning a power ice auger. However a power ice auger is four times costlier than a good hand auger and so, the purchase is not made so casually. But when one owns a power auger, his world changes altogether. You can imagine how you can set up at your favorite ice fishing territory and are able to drill twenty holes in a time taken by a hand auger to drill one or two holes, and then you are able to move through all those holes as the fish move, instead of waiting over only one hole for the fish come back to you.

How ever nice it sounds, power ice auger is meant for an ice angler who fishes very often or wishes to fish more. The investment in a power auger is really more for a causal angler as the cost is so high. Now, once it is decided that you will own a power ice auger, you will have to choose between a gas powered auger and an electric one. Here are some points of comparison between the two which may help you to decide which one will suit you the best.

Electric Ice Auger

Electric ice augers have evolved a lot technologically over last some years. They consist of a 12 volt, cycle battery which is to be recharged after usage. Nearly all of them are available with everything you may require while going fishing. Most of them even include cable connectors for a supplementary power source in the situation of discharge of the main battery. One may think often over how many holes can be drilled with the electric auger before its battery runs out. Actually this depends on the thickness of ice; however, roughly you can expect to drill 20 to 25 holes through 12 inch thick ice before the battery runs out.

Advantages of an electric ice auger are:

  • Less noise
  • Light weight
  • No problem while starting
  • No gas, smell or mixing
  • Less expensive than gas power augers

Gas Ice Auger

Gas augers are helping ice anglers since 1960s. Since their beginning, the technology has progressed but basic concept is same. This type of auger contains an engine and uncomplicated transmission linked to the auger or drill assembly. A centrifugal clutch-like system transfers power to the business end of the auger when the engine increases in RPMs. Gas augers may score over its electric counterparts in form some advantages:

  • Longer run time
  • Larger holes
  • More power and torque

As such, both types of power augers make you more mobile over ice which is important in ice fishing for catching more fish. When you are ice fishing as a sport, power auger will definitely add a new dimension to your hobby and you will enjoy more.