Apr 6

shallow saltwater inshore anglingSaltwater fishing, inshore or offshore, has its own magic and therefore even the people go fishing regularly like to cast a bait when they have an opportunity. Shallow inshore angling is always fun and interactive experience and everybody can get into it easily. From boat, surf or pier, shallow inshore saltwater fishing has its own secrets and we will share some basic tips and tricks with you in order to set you on your way.

Saltwater fish like fresh bait. So, give them what they want if you want to succeed. Do not buy frozen bait at tackle shop, buy shrimps fresh enough to be eaten (open them by yourself). If you use a cut bait, it should come from recently caught fish.

Scented lures will do the trick! Modern inshore fishermen do not have to deal with messy and smelly live natural bait. Cheap lures, scented synthetic baits are now available at the market for catching inshore saltwater fish such as speckled trout, striped bass, redfish and flounder. Of course, keep in mind what you want to catch and give that fish the scent that will be attractive enough. It is important to rig these synthetic baits as they were natural and to fish them slowly. Just cast the bait and tide will do the work for you and your scented lures will look just like live shrimp. When it comes to tide, it is of great importance for inshore angling. Fish feed actively only when the current runs one way or another. Think about food chain and learn when to fish for what species. It is important and usually it depends on your fishing destination, season and the tide.

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