Aug 2

You will normally come across three kinds of catfish in ponds. Out of all three, the channel catfish is the smallest one and also can easily be caught. Other two types of catfish are Blue catfish and Flathead. They are biggest among three. Both of these can be pretty big in size.

The common three catfish

1. Channel catfish 2. Flathead catfish 3. Blue catfish.

Diet of Channel catfish normally consists something picked off surface of water, such as small dead fish and bugs. They are good for well managed ponds and very easy to catch as well. They won’t have any issue in surviving after a good catch and release. Flathead catfish are popular for their hungry and greedy appetite which makes them very easy to catch. Whereas, Blue catfish are not so easy to find because of their unique eating habits.

If you are fishing in a pond that has huge population of catfish, you should think of taking medium rod, with a bait cast or spinning reel. You should not forget about the treble hook. They will hold on to bait easily from a single point hook. These hooks are made to make sure that the catfish doesn’t steal the bait. It makes them to take the entire ring inside their mouths and you can catch them easily like this.

For a smaller catfish, you can make use of ultra light tackle. You might consider taking few rods along with you. Throwing couple of lines together could increase your chances of getting a good catch. Make sure the drags are not very tight on the reels so the fish can fish can swim along the bait and hook themselves as well. When you hear the scream of drag, you should tighten the rod until you feel some pressure, and then start your fight. This pressure is often enough to keep the fish hooked.

The above mentioned three kinds are normally not difficult to catch as long as you provide enough time for your bait to soak.