Dec 7

Trout are interesting types of fish to catch while fishing. We will be discussing some good tips that can help you in catching trout in this article. We will be talking about the basic species of trout that can be easily found across United States. These species include, Bull Trout, Rainbow, Brook, Brown and Cutthroat. Although there are differences in size, colors and temperament within these trout groups, the techniques for catching them are almost similar. Some usual trout fishing tips to help you in catching more of the above species have been mentioned below.

Size: The size of your bait and gear matters when it comes to trout fishing. In majority of situations while trout fishing, light gear and bait to ultra light is the best way to go. If you are more likely to be fishing for the huge Great Lakes visiting Brown Trout of the Midwest, then you would need a heavier gear. I personally recommend using a 5 foot ultra light reel and rods spooled with four of trout fishing, and catch huge trout on an arrangement like this.  The biggest hooks that can be used for trout fishing with live bait would be size 10. Small lures are something that you want to use when it comes to lures.

Clothing: In stream and river cases when the angler is going through water in an effort to catch fish, your clothing color really matters. Dark colors or plain white, stand unique and the fish will easily see you. I recommend wearing dull colors to mix in with the background properly. Trout in streams and rivers can become very careful of anglers, so not being unique works in favor of anglers. You should just pick a brown or grey t-shirt.