Sep 21
Best Fishing Lures

Have you been unsuccessful in lure fishing and so, are planning to give it up? Hold on! Understand that once you know the basics of lure fishing, you can start to catch significant fish on it, to such an extent that you’d never leave this amazing method of fishing.

Lure fishing offers you a considerable ability to cover a broader area of water by moving around and figuring out the location of the fish, instead of waiting for them to find your bait. Lures can be changed easily and quickly until you find one of the best fishing lures that the fish prefers the most on the day.

1. Try Different Lures

A big mistake most anglers commit is that if they have a successful period of catching a few fish with a specific kind of lure, that lure becomes their favorite and they don’t wish to try other lures.

The feeding habits of fish are changing daily. So, it’s wrong to assume that what worked one day will work always, as it may not work even the next day. You have to give fish what they want, and you won’t come to know what it is till you try different lures every time.

2. Vary the Depth of Fishing

There would be some days when fish would feed at the bottom, while some other days they would feed near the surface, and still other days they might feed somewhere in the middle.

So, it’s a good idea to try various depths so as to catch fish. Lure fishing can actually be quite fruitful when you keep trying various things until you find the perfect one and how fish want to feed that day.

While fishing near the bottom you can use a soft plastic with a weightier jig head, then slowly rolling it across the bottom on your retrieve. At medium depth, you can try hard body with a medium-sized bib. And while fishing near the surface, you should try a different type of lure like surface stick baits or poppers.

3. Cover More Area by Casting in an Arc

Lure fishing offers a great benefit that you can search for fish and once you find it, you can concentrate more on that particular area.

While fishing from the bank, it’s advisable to cast around in an arc from your location on the bank. Starting by casting out to the left and trying a few casts and retrieves from the same spot is a good idea. Then you can start casting slightly to the right of the earlier area and continue doing this till the last cast is out to your right and you complete the arc.

So, are you all set for lure fishing with these tips?