Aug 30

Fishing is one of those things that is incredibly relaxing and incredibly addictive at the same time. Like golf it might seem slow paced from the outside, but when you’re involved it can be incredibly tense and provide a very worthwhile sense of accomplishment when you reel in something large.

However that said there is still no denying that much of fishing involves ‘sitting around’ while you wait for a bite. This is of course what makes it so restful, but for others it can also be seen as off putting as it means there are long periods with no ‘action’.

What’s important then is to have a good way to pass the time and to enjoy yourself while you wait for a tug on the line. Here are some ideas for things to take with you next time you go fishing.

Reading: Reading of course is a popular favourite way for fishermen to pass time. If you happen to have the most recent paper, a good book, or a Kindle, then this can make time rush past and it’s incredibly revitalizing to get lost in a good book and forget all your worries for a while.

Work: Or at the same time, why not use this opportunity to do some work from home? There are many ways that you can do this if you work from home and happen to have a laptop or netbook you can work on. While at the same time you can also pass time by working out things for work or things to do at home with a pad of paper and a pen. Working from home doesn’t have to mean working from home –it just means not in an office. So why not take it to the river and get some fresh air and sun while developing a great new hobby to boot?

Projects: If you don’t have any work to do though of course, then you can always just make your own. This might mean starting a novel, it might mean designing a comic book, or it might mean learning a new skill like electronic engineering or a language. This is a great opportunity to develop yourself and to try and accomplish your goals and your dreams.

Sketching: Sketching is a great way to pass time while at the same time creating something you can hang up to impress guests. When you’re fishing you’ll no doubt be situated somewhere picturesque and serene anyway, so what better place to have a bit of a draw and to capture the moment?

Socializing: Of course if you go fishing with friends then this is a great opportunity to chat and catch up and it can be a very social pursuit as you egg each other on and have a joke. And if you run out of things to say, then why not play a word game or even a board game? If you don’t have anyone there to chat with you you can still use the time socially too – just call someone on your mobile and you can keep up to date with your correspondence that way.

Rose Adams is a boating and fishing enthusiasts and loves giving tips about fishing trips through her blog. She recommends Miami fishing charter as it plays host to a huge array of fishing spots.