May 4

Trout fishing is very attractive activity for almost everyone. There is no need for a motor, boat, a pH meter, some expensive tackle or specialized equipment. So, even if you are an amateur fisherman, you can still enjoy amazing fishing experience while trout fishing. The only things fishers need for trout fishing are a box of hooks, spin-casting outfits in working order, a pair of hip boots. Of everyone older than 16, a fishing license and a trout stamp is required. Of course, there is no just luck in catching most of the fish, you need to have a developed technique. There are also various trout flies available and most fishermen have their own preferable trout flies depending on fly fishing venue, targeted trout species, used fly fishing technique etc.

When you go to trout fishing, you need to get a map of the fishing area you want to fish. It is good to be absolutely sure that you will actually fish in trout water. Novice trout fishermen make one common mistake – they use the wrong equipment. Monofilament line is recommended, for muddy or cloudy water it should not be heavier than six pound test, while in clear water it should not be heavier than four pounds. Hooks should not be too long, approximately in the #10 to #14 size range. If you want to access private lands, ask people to let you trout fish on their property. Most people are willing to give you an opportunity if you ask them politely.

Trout fishing is a good way to learn fishing and to fall in love with this outdoor activity. Different trout species have different habits, so prior you go fishing it is good to be informed about your targeted trout fish species. It will give you possibility to catch even more fish and to enjoy astonishing fishing experience.