Feb 28

Are you planning for a fishing vacation? Here are some destinations to think about:

Florida is the best destination for fishing sport. With a far reaching saltwater coast and freshwater lakes of Florida, more than 7500 of them, you will find good chances for panfish, crappie, striped bass, catfish, white bass and black bass. And no matter whether you choose to fish the Lake Okeechobee, Central Florida or the Keys, you will get all important fishing supplies you need within your reach. You don’t have to plan to travel on your own, fishing destinations are also good for business entertaining, small business meetings or it could be a relaxing vacation for people who normally don’t fish.

Canada is also a well-known location for anglers. No matter whether you are behind a trohpy fish, or you simply want to hold and release salmon or bass, Canada provides fresh water bodies of more than 70,000. Lakes surrounding Ontario, provide some of the the bubbly smallmouth bass. Many lakes provide largmouth bass also. So set up your waders with your reels and rods and you don’t have to worry about finding all the baits you require there. Newfoundland and Labrador coast of Canada provide clean ice fishing and hunting. Accumulate your outdoor tools and gear for a wonderful trip.

Alaska is a perfect heaven for some anglers. Many lodges provide five to ten day trips, so that you can fish and explore the wilderness of north. The time that you choose to travel should be appropriate. The Alagnak river provides some of the best trout fishing of Alaska from June to September. You will find guides who are knowledgeable in each and every aspect of fishing, they will guide you through the techniques and procedures of trout fishing.