Jun 11

According to many people the ultimate fishing sport in salmon fishing in rivers. This is definitely a type of fishing with lengthy traditions and some prestige. Salmon fishing in rivers is both rewarding and challenging as well.

The level of water in a river decides how good experience you will have in salmon fishing, and where the salmon is located in the river. There are many fresh salmon rising up the river at high water. Salmon is already there, and moves up streams. Such situations will normally provide you the chance to feel an amazing salmon fishing. You will always find that the salmon looks into the quiet parts of the river at high levels of water.

At high temperatures of water and low level of water, the salmon will always in places where there are comparatively powerful currents. Under such circumstances, salmon fishing is not easy and needs more patience. At low and clear water, you should limit salmon fishing until the sun comes up and sun goes down completely. You should also try salmon fishing during the night if possible.

Utilizing lures or spinners while fishing for salmon needs the use of strong fishing tackle. It is normally not easy to get the salmon to hold on to it, so you need to be very patient. Variety is important for a fisherman. If the salmon is not biting, you can try spinners and lures in different colors.

As you might know, the salmon doesn’t it at all or eats little, during swimming up the river. Normally it will bite your lures as a reflex or in aggression. While fishing for salmon in rivers you should intensely fish through all important spots. You will often find that your fishing tackle will have to go in front of the salmon directly in order to make it bite. If your salmon shows interest in your tackle, but it is not biting, then you should keep trying. Salmon will bite in complete anger most of the times.

While fishing for salmon in rivers you will find that the salmon exists in various areas and at various depths, based on conditions. So it is important that you keep your spinner on the right depth and at appropriate speed. This can be handled with the help of your fishing rod. By keeping your rod high you will prevent the surface and fish efficiently for salmon staying in shallow water. If you are thinking of using spinner in deep water, make sure that you place your fishing rod towards the surface of water.