Oct 13

things needed for deep sea fishingWhether it is Cancun, Florida or Texas, deep sea fishing is a great adventure to take up on your vacation. What is the difference between deep sea fishing and other types of fishing? Of course, it is taken up in deeper waters, with a depth of about 100 meters or more. For deep sea fishing you can book a charter or can go on your own. Many tourist areas offer such charters, e.g.  Galveston fishing charters, which offer you the most comfortable as well as an exciting deep sea fishing trip. The benefit and fun of deep sea fishing is you get more rare and exotic species like marlin, swordfish, tuna, dolphin and sometimes even shark. It is quite different and far more exciting than a fishing trip on a calm lake or river and so the gear seems a bit different to safeguard you from sun and wind and to ensure you enjoy thoroughly. You will also have to choose your attire carefully.


You can never predict what would happen out there on the sea. A big splash of wave can ruin your brand new pricey shades. Therefore pick up an economical pair of wraparounds to ensure not ending up in regretting.


Layering is very important when you go out in the sea. Pullover is just perfect to wear on your t-shirt if the wind picks up. And because it is lightweight you feel comfortable for the entire time, not shifting between sweating and chilling.


Wear shorts which are made from swim-ready polyester lining and a quick-dry material. This will make you comfortable for the whole day, while you can enjoy some swims in between your fishing and still get dry quickly.


When you venture in the open sea, you can encounter any time with a storm. And when you are miles away from the coast you want something waterproof to protect you. Take a water-resistant jacket with you.


The sea might look very attractive when you look at it from the shore. However when you go out in it, sun becomes totally brutal to spit fire upon you and you may suffer from a bad sunburn. Take a wide-brimmed baseball cap to protect you from the rage of the sun. It should be breathable and should protect your face as well as neck.


Your shoes should also be chosen carefully. They should have a slip-proof rubber sole to protect you from sliding over the deck. You can also get shoes with a leather sock-lining so as to enable you to go without socks, as you definitely don’t want to wear wet socks.


Your hat will protect your face, head and neck from the sun. But to protect your rest of the body, a sunscreen is extremely necessary. Choose one with higher SPF and a spray version is the best as it leaves your hands non-greasy to take a firm grip on fishing gear.


Take sufficient stock of handkerchiefs to wipe out water from your sunglasses, a spilled beverage from your cooler or fish slime from your camera lens.


If you want to take a quick snap of a dolphin jumping out of waters, you surely don’t want to struggle with lenses and settings of your camera. So, take a pocketable camera which can be whipped out fast to catch all the glimpses you want.

Cooler and Beverages

There is nothing more enjoyable than sipping a cola mixed with rum, unwinding on the deck, with winds blowing from your hair! And for keeping the beverages cool, you need a good cooler. You will also need the drinks to cool down yourself under the heat of the sun.

So, don’t forget all these necessities while venturing out for your next deep sea fishing trip. That will make your vacation truly memorable.