Apr 15

Grass Carp, or White Amur as they are more popularly known, are not found in all freshwater. Their food is different than other freshwater fish so they cannot be caught with the same bait. And if at all they are hooked, it is extremely tough to land them with the same gear which is successful for bass, panfish and most of the catfish. And so fishing of White Amur is thrilling.


Amur is a Chinese river of which White Amur or Grass Carp are native and have been named after. They were introduced in US in 1963 for weed control. Their appetite is ravenous because of which in some US states it is illegal to import them. Even some environmentalists believe that they can eat so many weeds that they can be a concern for wildlife habitat.


As such White Amur is not that tough to catch, but they are tough to spot. While feeding they swirl water and often come partially out of water. You can catch them using readymade carp bait. Some prefer to catch them with veggies on a treble hook, while some others prefer corn kernels.

A large hook and a heavy line should be used to catch this fish because the fish is quite strong. Even saltwater rig is recommendable. Setting the drag loose and leaving bail open will help a lot. When the White Amur takes the bait, let it run for some seconds and set the hook after that. Though the fish is strong, it is not a great fighter considering its huge size. Once it is hooked it normally doesn’t make big runs like a big bass. Hold the line firmly and reel in just when the fish is not trying to run.

Bowfishing for White Amur

Bowfishing for White Amur is nowadays is becoming more and more popular. However if the fish has not become a pest in the area where you are fishing, it is not a viable choice. White Amur can survive hooking, but arrows definitely kill them.

Places to Catch

As do the freshwater fish which are native, Grass Carp is not found everywhere and you will have to do a little search for them. Generally owners of private ponds have them in their water bodies. So the best way to find them out is with each and every private pond! It may seem hard, but it isn’t. At the most, you will have to ask the owners. Though some pond-owners won’t let you to meddle with their pets, some others will definitely allow you to catch and release.

Tasty, But is Generally Released

White Amur or Grass Carp is a tasty fish to eat. But generally it is caught and released. Still there are many people who consider this fish a great table fare.