Mar 25

It looks like more and more normal people are beginning to observe that there may something more to bass fishing that attracts the eye than the Sunday morning shows on bass fishing shown on TV. Why is that so? People see bass fishing regularly on TV commercials. I know you all have seen the commercial where three men are sitting in a boat, fishing with lures and one among them throws his lure around a branch of tree and the spokesperson says, even the fish are comfortable. This commercial is about clothing though. Even in food stores you will see an image of a popular Bass Pro on a Wheaties box. Or, put on a sports network during the week anytime and you will see many fishing shows all set for bass fishing. Almost any river, pond, sloughs, lake or swamp if accessible by boats, you will see bass anglers. Or, how about so many bass boats going up and down consistently our highways? It is everywhere we see.

At present, bass fishing is considered to be the number one freshwater sport in America, actually the bass fishing industry is developed to be 70% more than any other kinds of fresh water fishing.

For instance, if you go to majority of search engines on internet and type in “bass fishing”, 90% of search engines will categorize various types of bass fishing associated sites. In the last twenty five years bass fishing has developed from a million dollar industry to approximately 4.8 billion dollar industry in the world today and is still developing every day.

So what’s so special about it? Let’s begin by saying this is one sport that anyone who dedicates and trains himself can compete equally on a pro level. Unlike other kinds of professional sports like basketball, tennis, football and soccer where you have to be on top and prove excellent abilities in order to accomplish, with bass fishing it  is pretty different. The more time you are on water, the more you practice and you will also learn more and more successful in bass catching.