Mar 6

There are three kinds of catfish that are found in ponds commonly. The channel catfish the smallest of all and easily available in ponds. The other two types of catfish are Blue catfish and Flathead. They are biggest of all three and they can grow pretty huge. The most comon of all are blue catfish, flathead catfish and channel catfish.  

Feb 28

Are you planning for a fishing vacation? Here are some destinations to think about:  

Feb 26

Online shopping has become very popular and convenient way to buy anything a person wants. Every day more and more customers from all around the world realize all the comfort and opportunities online shopping offers. North East Tackle Supplies Ltd is the UK’s #1 supplier of fishing equipment, rods and tackle, and now there is a specialized online shop offering a wide range of angling products. No matter what type of angling fishermen do, this online shop has several departments: Sea Fishing Tackle... 

Feb 9

Many people are not very well aware of health benefits that fish can offer. Fish is a low fat food that offers plenty of minerals, proteins and vitamins. It also includes Omega 3 fatty acid. This is an important fatty acid that helps in fighting heart disease when combined with healthy diet. Many health professionals in fact suggest eating fish two times in a week. Finding a delicious fish recipe can be challenging sometimes, which is the reason we have added some of the delicious fish recipes here... 

Feb 2

How do we call the person with an incredible devotion to fishing and fishing gear and gadgets – The Fishing Geek. It does not have to be the best fisherman in the world or in any fishing category. All you have to do is to love fishing. So, I’m sure that many fishermen are in fact fishing geeks. The one amongst us made his website showing his fishing reports, tips and hacks. Located in Grass Valley, California and surrounded by many lovely lakes and rivers to fish. He started fishing a... 

Jan 31

If you are searching for some tasty seafood recipes, you should definitely begin with baked cod then. Cod is a nutty white fish full of nutrients for people who are health conscious. These nutrients are believed to be very good for heart, brain and blood. It is also the most commonly and often seen fish in many restaurants throughout United States and Europe.  

Jan 16

If you are interested in fishing and you are planning a RV vacation this year, then you should definitely head towards Texas. Traveling to Texas in your motorhome will make your trip easy, with convenient beds and a kitchen with plenty of stock to treat you when you come back from the lake.  

Jan 5

Substistence or low-technology commercial fishing practices is usually called Artisan fishing. In particular, this term can be applied to island or coastal ethnic groups using some traditional fishing techniques such as harpoons and arrows, drag nets, tackle and rod and their traditional boats. Usually, this concept does not cover the concept of recreational fishing. Fishing techniques used for artisan fishing are commonly less stressful and less intensive on fish population than commercial fishing... 

Jan 1

KissmeFish is a new product made for fishing with a motto “A small net instead of the hooks”. The catch is reported to experience no trauma due to the way the net envelops the fish. Standard nets or hooks injure fish, and KissmeFish is manufactured in a way that it holds fish safely, yet gently and carefully.  

Dec 26

The purpose of going for fishing is to catch fish for most anglers. If you have ever experienced a day on lake without being able to catch a single fish, the you know how disappointing and frustrating it is to return home with empty hands after spending so much of time on fishing. There are certain things an angler can do to maximize his or her chances of catching fish. Let us see what those are.