Nov 16

Fishing is not just an activity, recreation or providing a source of food. Many times you can hear the question whether the fishing is hobby or sport. Fishing is both and none, it is the way of living. Fishing had an impact on all major religions including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism etc. Fishing lovers adore wearing funny fishing shirts to show the world what do they feel and think about their interesting activity. A general term representing the equipment that is used by... 

Nov 14

The below mentioned are the tips for fishing in lakes and when you follow these tips you will enjoy fish catching more and enjoy your outings much more.  

Nov 9

Fishing lures are objects attached to the end the fishing line which have the purpose to use vibration, movement and color to resemble the prey and catch the attention of a fish. These objects are equipped with single, double or treble hooks, so the fish attacks and bites the hook. Many types of fishing lures are present nowadays. These fishing lures are manufactured and engineered to appeal to a sense of territory, curiosity, aggression and prey preference of the fish. Depending on which fish species... 

Oct 15

Sri Lanka Tours for Deep Sea Fishing Whilst staying at the wonderful Apsara Villa just outside of Bentota on my recent Sri Lanka tours, I took a trip down to the local fish harbour. During the early morning, just as the nightly catch is coming in, Beruwela Fish Harbour is energetic, full of life and rarely visited by other foreign tourists; making it a fascinating experience. As I watched the boats unloading I was struck by the sense of excitement in the air. There were vessels of all shapes, sizes... 

Oct 10

Anglers are in many cases passionate and fanatical about the fishing. Castalia Outdoors is founded by fishing lovers and for fishing lovers to provide marketing, sales and distribution of highly specialized fishing products. The company is situated in Central Florida, but it provides sales and oversee distribution in the U.S., Central and South America and Canada. In cooperation with Paladin, German leader in production and distribution of highest quality fishing and outdoor-related items all across... 

Sep 28

  Fishing is a wonderful hobby found in most people. Some people fish because it is their hobby, some take it as a sport and some do it for living, no matter what your reason behind fishing is, you should be able excel the fish that you are looking for. Not only this, but you will not be able to see your goal like the usual hunters do. You have to find out the exact spot of the fish and then go for it.  

Sep 26

  Different kinds of fish soup recipes have been mentioned here below:  

Sep 21

  Noodles, meats, tofu, rice, and vegetables are the base for Korean cuisine, but there are some well-known fish recipes as well. Korean traditional meal includes short grain rice that is steamed with many varieties of side dishes. Usual ingredients used in this cuisine are garlic, salt, sesame oil, soy sauce, pepper, ginger, fermented bean paste and fermented red chili paste. The recipes differ depending on the province and many regional recipes now have a national recognition.  

Sep 19

  Fishing in Bahamas is completely different compared to other fishing destinations in the world. There are lots of interesting fishing tours which can take you to the great fishing spots of Bahamas and again get you back to your place along with a trophy. There is abundant fly fishing, bone fishing, deep sea fishing and game fishing and you can also find licensed services that can take you the exact spots. If there is something that is abundant in Bahamas is fish. If you like fishing then... 

Sep 10

When you are about to hit the water for fishing, you need to be sure about having the best of remote control fishing boats, with the best quality remote, which gives you full control of speed as well as maneuvering. And such a best boat today is Radio Ranger RC Fishing Boat. It is a wonderful 34 inch RC boat, ideal to catch any size fish! What’s more, it is great for little fish too and kids love it. Radio Ranger can pull the fish in or you can even use line release. And it can also drive as far...