Nov 14

When it comes to sport fishing, almost all anglers agree that no other place on the earth than Key West offers as many options. Hundreds of species roam in these wonderful waters from the natural reef and numerous shipwrecks to the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.  

Sep 21

Have you been unsuccessful in lure fishing and so, are planning to give it up? Hold on! Understand that once you know the basics of lure fishing, you can start to catch significant fish on it, to such an extent that you’d never leave this amazing method of fishing.  

Aug 7

Planning for a carp fishing holiday in France? That’s a great decision. France is bestowed with carp of numerous sizes and shapes that occur in several locations and conditions. However, in order to make your trip successful, you need to prepare for weeks, though not months, in advance. There are various factors involved from food and tackle to logistics and satnav. Here are a few important points to consider carefully.  

Jun 29

If you’re impressed by the stories of your friend about fly fishing and have developed a liking for this amazing activity, you might have become eager to head towards a serene lake, river or stream and fly fish. However, if you want to fully enjoy it with a great catch, it’s better to know the basics. Most important is to get all the essential fly fishing equipment. Here are a few tips.  

Jun 22

When you head out for fishing, you should know at least the basic techniques of fishing, although you might be a beginner. And tying various types of fishing knots is one of the most important basic fishing techniques. Here are a few different types of knots you should know to become a successful angler.  

Jun 17

As an ardent angler, you always look for new fishing destinations. But have you ever looked for a new fishing style? If you are planning to do so, paddle board fishing is something great to consider. It’s quite different from the regular fishing you are accustomed to and so, you’ll enjoy it. A paddle board enables you to go to some shallow spots which a boat cannot take you to. Here are a few tips to help you out if you decide to give paddle board fishing a try.  

Jun 8

A passionate angler not only becomes happy with the number of fish he catches but also enjoys the ambience of the fishing destination. And therefore, he is always in search of new fishing destinations where he can enjoy the nature’s beauty. If you are such an angler, why don’t you try the Northwest Indiana?  

Apr 25

Do you feel like going for ice fishing but don’t have the skill and experience? Of course, it’s necessary to have the knowledge and experience; otherwise ice fishing can even be dangerous. Here are some safety tips to help you start ice fishing.  

Apr 8

When it comes to lure fishing, it’s not only about wind, cast and wait to see if fish hit. Do you know that you can change your technique and optimize the chances of your lure being hit? Try these tips.  

Mar 15

Do you find fly fishing too difficult, too technical and too complicated? This is natural because if you are trying to cast a conventional fly rod for the first time, there are high chances that you may end up with your line messed up. You may take a long time to master that cast which even involves an endless range of tackle including fly lines, rod weight, and wet and dry flies.