Jun 8

A passionate angler not only becomes happy with the number of fish he catches but also enjoys the ambience of the fishing destination. And therefore, he is always in search of new fishing destinations where he can enjoy the nature’s beauty. If you are such an angler, why don’t you try the Northwest Indiana?  

Apr 25

Do you feel like going for ice fishing but don’t have the skill and experience? Of course, it’s necessary to have the knowledge and experience; otherwise ice fishing can even be dangerous. Here are some safety tips to help you start ice fishing.  

Apr 8

When it comes to lure fishing, it’s not only about wind, cast and wait to see if fish hit. Do you know that you can change your technique and optimize the chances of your lure being hit? Try these tips.  

Mar 15

Do you find fly fishing too difficult, too technical and too complicated? This is natural because if you are trying to cast a conventional fly rod for the first time, there are high chances that you may end up with your line messed up. You may take a long time to master that cast which even involves an endless range of tackle including fly lines, rod weight, and wet and dry flies.  

Feb 16

If you are an ardent angler, it’s impossible that you haven’t heard of the fame of Tampa Bay, Florida, about the amazing fishing experiences it has to offer. You must know that there are more than 200 different species you can chase in the breathtaking settings of the Bay. Whether you want to go on your own or under the supervision of professional fishing charter boat captains with years of experience and knowledge of every nook and corner of the Bay, you can get anything you want here.... 

Jan 6

If you want to learn carp fishing, you will need to have some basic knowledge about the fish and how to catch it. Here is such basic knowledge and a few useful tips.  

Dec 26

If you are looking for a fishing destination that will truly amaze you, you can’t afford to miss the Florida Keys. This southernmost part of the United States and also of Florida is formed of a series of cays or keys and offers some of the best fishing you might have ever experienced. Once you step in this beautiful land, it will become yours forever and then you can’t resist yourself from coming here every year.  

Nov 22

Kayak fishing is getting increasingly popular for good reasons. These compact vessels allow anglers reach some of the most inaccessible and remote corners of the waters with a rich fish population, are much less expensive than the traditional gas burners and you can get any feature in them that you can imagine.  

Oct 9

If you are fond of fishing and want to catch huge fishes quite smoothly, then you are at right place. Fishing is all about technique and practice. The more you indulge yourself in practicing the techniques, the more fishes you would catch.  

Mar 23

If you’re into fishing, you’re well aware of the fact that a proper fishing rod is the only way to success. This fact is somehow overlooked most of the times. Aside from placing the bait at a location and somehow managing not to spook any fish, the right rod has the most impact on your success. Not having the right rod will have a significant impact on your accuracy too, and you may end up without getting any bites. When you have the right rod, at least you know that the equipment won’t fail...