Dec 6

What should be your retrieve speed in winter cold water? Though you may get answers like “as fast as in spring”, pro anglers and even biologists will tell you that it is best to slow down, as bass won’t chase a lure in water having temperature less than 50 degrees. So, which can be the best lures in cold water for bass fishing? Before we go further, I would like to recommend you a website for the best bass fishing tips and info. Let’s see some here.  

Nov 30

Bluegill fishing is fun, but catching a really big bluefish is even more fun! And the most enjoyable is eating the tasty, golden-fried fish! Therefore you need to study a little about the location of the fish in every season, so that you can catch them anytime of the year and find opportunities for partying with buddies. Bluegill fishing is no longer a difficult task as stocking has made fishing for the yummy ‘gills possible anywhere in the US, and also in parts of Northern Mexico and... 

Nov 18

Fishing enthusiasts want to incorporate their passion in everything they come across. Now on the occasion of Christmas too, they may want to do that, and for their help, so many fishing-themed decoration ideas are coming up every day. There are so many cute Christmas ornaments out there. See, for example, this fishing chair Christmas ornament by Isn’t it fabulous? And they have got so many! Let’s see.  

Nov 17

If you are an ardent fishing enthusiast, you will naturally be more than happy if your little one too is showing a keen interest in fishing. You can grow her/his fishing interest by celebrating a wonderful fishing birthday party on the ocean or lake or river. You and your kid, her/his friends and your other family members will enjoy this party, the food in which will be uniquely delicious. Take a look at Fest diner for wonderful fish dishes and a plethora of other tasty culinary wonders you can order... 

Nov 8

The requirements of power and size of pontoon boats are increasing as fast as the popularity of this watercraft throughout the world. Available in lengths ranging from a bit less than 15 feet to over 30 feet and having double- or triple-tube design, small pontoon boats are at present “hot” with anglers and casual boaters. To know what you should exactly look for while repowering your current pontoon or purchasing a new one with outboard power, you should read these valuable tips shared by industry... 

Nov 4

There are a great many lure scents on the market today, many have bold claims, while others are mainly chosen by people in the know. The reality of this is, most scents are a very simple composition, usually involving petroleum jelly and a few additives depending on the type of fish you are targeting.  

Oct 22

I consider myself lucky that I got a chance to visit one of the loveliest places on the Earth, Cambridgeshire in the UK! As such, the entire England is like a dreamland for a person like me who is born in one of this planet’s zones called tropical. But in particular, Cambridgeshire is like an essence of England’s beauty with lots of stunning lakes and rivers, full of fish, where you can spend hours and hours fishing calmly while enjoying Nature’s splendor. What’s more, I also found a great... 

Oct 20

Most anglers find lure fishing the most enjoyable type of fishing. However it is inevitable for any angler to get her/his lure snagged some or the other time. There are some methods to get your lure unfastened. These are letting the lure loose which lets it to float and you can recover it. Other method is the Jackal shake, i.e. to give some rapid-fire short flicks of the rod tip or shake the lure literally out of the woodwork. But when all these methods fail, what you need is a fishing lure retriever. ... 

Oct 18

If you love diving as well as fishing, you can combine both these hobbies to enjoy them simultaneously. Take a look at Diving Miami who offer you all the fun of diving and snorkeling through training, equipment rental, helping you find exciting diving spots, and much more. Amongst the fish sought after while diving, crayfish is one of the most popular ones and it is quite challenging to find it, thus it provides just the desired amount of thrill too. Free-diving for crayfish needs you to dedicate... 

Oct 10

If you intend to catch fish purely for the purpose of satisfying your taste buds, you will perhaps want to do it differently than if you were doing it for the excitement of the fight. Plenty of efficient ways exist with which you can catch fish for eating and they don’t involve even the use of rod and reel. You also may probably want to target fish that make the evergreen seafood or freshwater fish that taste the best rather than the enthralling fighting species.