May 23

Only Superman can have the most perfect knife which can do every job best for him. Otherwise no person in this world can have a knife which works well in every situation on any time. If you are going to invest big bucks for quality, you want every factor of the knife to be perfect. Titanium or stainless steel diving knives should be chosen by focusing on every particular aspect of the knives.  

May 18

Starting out with lure fishing, I began like many people do buying from the local tackle shops. Paying upwards of $6 per lure, of which most initially ended up lost to snags and with no results. The extra money initially however was worth it, as the local fishing shop owners were able to give great advice on how to improve the use of spin lures and soft plastics, along with some other information which I wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere else at the time. After a few weeks... 

May 5

Within a couple of years, collegiate fishing has literally exploded and a number of organizations today offer a collegiate event circuit. This means that hundreds of young people can now start chasing their dream of being a professional angler at a very young age. However, to get benefited by this opportunity, they should attract sponsorship, which too is a hard task in itself. Tournament fishing, though at collegiate level, can run into huge dollars each year with truck, tackle and boat expenses.... 

Apr 22

The Croatian word Bakalar is the name of the dish and the fish – cod fish (bacalao in Spanish). Given the Dalmatia’s richness of fresh food, it is rather peculiar that the main dish for the Christmas Eve is based on dried cod fish – from Norway! However, bakalar is inevitable part of the Dalmatian cuisine and it’s beyond delectable. Here are two ways to make it – as a cod fish stew or with potatoes.  

Apr 7

Have you considered a fishing vacation in Sweden? This country is approximately 2,000 kilometers long from tip to toe and therefore it has several climate zones. In the central part of the Kingdom of Sweden, fishing season lasts from April to November. If you go southern, the season is usually year-around in coastal rivers and off the coast, as well as in some lakes and inland rivers. When it comes to northern parts, May to October generally applies.   

Mar 26

Amongst all the gear required by a spearo, a spearfishing knife gets a lot of raised eyebrows. And even sometimes the size of a general purpose diving knife too gets a lot of sulk. However, the diving knives are actually awesome – huge knives have a special place in the diving world. How they are concerned with spearfishing is, however, a totally different issue.  

Mar 19

For the dedicated fisherman there is nothing better than finding a new perfect place for fishing. With the UK boasting so many beautiful locations that are perfect for fishing, fishermen are truly spoilt for choice. So in this guide we’ve whittled down the best places in the UK to a list of just 6.  

Mar 10

Fishing is all about stealth. It requires a quiet approach. It can be almost impossible not to scare fish away when you arrive thundering in a fishing hole with your noisy gas-powered onboard motor spouting smoke and stirring water. Here trolling motors act like a real godsend for the fishing fraternity. They are electric and are much quieter than gas-powered motors. Not only anglers can have total control over their boat all the times, but they can also move comfortably from place to place and... 

Mar 7

Do you remember whether you had listened to the weather forecast when you last went out for an ice fishing adventure? And if you had, which factors had you given more attention to? They certainly might be temperature, wind and precipitation, but most probably not air pressure. Well, next time you listen to it carefully, because in case of ice fishing air pressure is a factor which decides, or at least influences, your success on ice.  

Mar 4

The emergence of a new technique called spybaiting has left many anglers wondering about what the technique is and how spy baits work. A lot of spy baits too are being introduced in the market, like Realis Duo fishing bait and others, which are making anglers curious. So, let’s know more about spybaiting!