Feb 24

5gp brownWhile embarking upon an angling expedition, you are full of excitement and you enjoy the journey and your angling experience. However at least some times, you might have found your fishing gear difficult to manage in a bucket or basket to hold in a hand. With lots of baits, your line, hook and sinkers, bobbers, extra sets for all these, and some necessary tools like nose pliers, first aid kit, sunscreen, etc, sometimes you get irritated regarding where to keep them and how to hold them and find them whenever needed. Now there is a very good product to solve your problem and it is the Five Gallon Pack by Jason Charbono which will carry all your necessary things in one place – easy to manage, just to let you enjoy your trip in a true sense.

The Five Gallon Pack was invented by Jason Charbono for a simple reason – to find an easy way to carry all his own fishing gear to his favorite fishing destinations. After inventing it for his own use, he found that there are more uses of the product than he could think of. And he started producing it commercially.

Today the Five Gallon Pack is delivered to all over the US and even outside the country. It is not only used by anglers to carry fishing gear, but also by hunters and oil companies, on farms, ranches, constructions, ocean expeditions, and in sub-zero climates and everywhere in between. The simple idea of a five gallon bucket brought tremendous changes in people’s level of comfort and convenience.

Why Five Gallon Pack is So Popular?

  • Five Gallon Pack is made from tough military grade nylon and polypropylene straps
  • Adjustable chest strap, heavy weight Velcro, high impact buckles, foam backing, cast steel tri-glides and memory pad shoulder straps
  • Overall breaking strength of 300lb
  • Resistant to water, dirt, mud, UV rays, dust, abrasion
  • Super tough, super easy and comfortable to wear
  • Can withstand anything – you can push it, pull it or drag it through
  • Works in sub-zero, hot, dry and wet climates

5gp blue

Five Gallon Pack is a totally family-owned and run business and the product is entirely manufactured in the USA. They have started the business not before even a year, but have sold more than 10,000 units. This shows the immense popularity and usability of the product. Moreover, all the sale has been through a word of mouth, because people using the product find it so useful that they cannot hold themselves back from describing it to others.

Today the owner becomes amazed seeing the uses people have found out of his simple-looking product and obviously feels proud of his invention. And he is happy to see that the product is useful to others.

Now the company has introduced 5GP Xtreme too which has been designed for the most extreme conditions. This product has extra thick fabric and more hard-wearing design and is excellent for commercial business use.

5GP Xtreme

Try Five Gallon Pack on your next fishing expedition and you will experience a new level of enjoyment because of the comfort and convenience you will get.