Mar 12

Fishing in Key West, Florida, can be fabulous experience for fishing lovers. Even the famous writer Ernest Hemingway was thrilled by this fishing site and he fished here for giant blue marlin. There are many guides and charter boats ready to take you to the joyful experience of these waters and to catch some incredible fish here. Captain Craig, formerly of the “Mr. Z” together with his crew is now offering sport-fishing charters aboard the ABSOLUT. It is a new charter company, but with enormous potential. “Experience, consistency and service” is what Captain Craig offers. His well-trained, competent and qualified crew has only one goal – repeat clientele, and they do their best to achieve that!

The ABSOLUT provides half day (600$), 3/4 (750) and full day (900$) charters with the speed giving clientele less time traveling and more time fishing. Their specialties are Shark fishing, Deep-water wreck fishing and bottom fishing. Captain Craig and his crew use only high quality equipment and they have all required licenses needed for one memorable wonderful fishing experience. Clients only have to take what they want to drink or eat and the rest is not to worry about. All vessels can accommodate up to six passengers and fishing is paid by the charter, not by the person. All the catch, of course if not illegal, belong to the client, the mate is there to drive, clean and ice the catch. Even though it is mainly sport-fishing and the fun and thrill are the main goals, most of the fishermen really love to eat what they caught. If there is something special that clients would like to see, catch or do, they should notify Captain Craig when making trip reservations.

For more information and details on the ABSOLUT, Captain Craig and his crew, as well as all the possibilities they offer and if you want to make trip reservations, check out their website:!