Apr 30

Fishermen and their family and friends usually can enjoy the tasteful fish meals. Is there something better than a nice lunch or dinner after amazing fishing experience with your catch on menu? Of course, this is perfect and joyful only if you have an appropriate way to make fish fillets.  One of the thing that fishermen and their family members like so much about the American Angler Electric Fillet Knife is the position of the blade release, most electric fillet knives have it in the way of your grip so when you really get in to filleting the fish you often apply pressure to the blade release and it comes out. The American Angler was designed however with that in mind so you it is not in a position that can be easily pressed while actually filleting.

American Angler is the division of the Scott Fetzer Company – Douglas Quikut’s brand famous for making a wide variety of high quality retail products. All the American Angler kits have the same knife they just come with different blades or accessories. It means that whatever set you choose, you will get the best possible fillet knife for specified purpose.

With American Angler electric fillet knife you do not have to worry about your catch and how to prepare it for making an exotic or extraordinary meal. These kits enables you to enjoy fishing and, while cooking, thinking only about recipes, spices and you can be as creative as you want. Making fillets is easier and more convenient than ever before.