Dec 12

People who love fishing and are passionate about it are very interested in online places where they could share they interests and to look for tips, new destinations and techniques. Big Game Fishing World community website is founded by the real fishing lovers for fishing lovers. This website has Fishing news very updated and interested and, from our point of view, it is going to develop into very useful online place for all around the world big game fishermen, whether they are professionals or they just big fish as a hobby.

As a major deficiency of this website, we could notice that there is not enough articles at this moment, but we can say that idea and the way it looks like it will be developed are very promising. What we found to be especially interesting are the Catch reports, made by real fishermen with photos as a proof of really exciting and amazing catches. This website offers opportunity of ordering and  buying some fishing products such as rods, lures, lines, reels and terminal tackles. With numerous distributors in Europe and USA, for fishermen settled there Big Game Fishing World is very supportive. Unlike other online shops, this website offers opportunity to order something not listed and they do their best to find it for the visitor.

For more information and in order to explore this promising fishing community website, visit and you will have an opportunity to see astonishing photos, reports and tips. Join this community, enjoy reading and share your experiences or just spread the word.