Dec 8

If you are looking for quality products such as fishing dock lights, Bo-Jo lights might be the right solution for you. These products have durable weed-eating strings, light sensing triggers, motors etc. In addition, Bo-Jo Fishlights conserve energy during the daylight and after the dusk, they operate due to its sensing solar module. Bo-Jo lights will provide your fish with high-quality food, while at the same time it will reduce the population of mosquitoes, for example. Docklights will give enough illumination to provide you to spend nice time doing your favorite dock-side activities after dusk.

Bo-Jo Lights are very convenient, because they are almost maintenance free. Occasionally, you could take some scrubbing pad and use it to wipe down the lamp reflector from the inside, as well as the bug-whacking cords. Even though some customers say they use oven cleaner solvents or something like that, it is not recommended, both because of the environment and Bo-Jo lights. It takes several nights after installing Bo-Jo lights to attract fish, while it will draw bugs immediately. So, be patient, after short period of using Bo-Jo lights, you will find how effective it is when it comes to attracting fish.

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