Oct 10

Anglers are in many cases passionate and fanatical about the fishing. Castalia Outdoors is founded by fishing lovers and for fishing lovers to provide marketing, sales and distribution of highly specialized fishing products. The company is situated in Central Florida, but it provides sales and oversee distribution in the U.S., Central and South America and Canada. In cooperation with Paladin, German leader in production and distribution of highest quality fishing and outdoor-related items all across Europe, Castalia Outdoors offers many products including lures, nets, fishing line, terminal tackle, rods, reels etc. Castalia Outdoors is a member of many fishing associations, just to mention some: The Saltwater Angler Guide Companion, the American Sportfishing Association (ICAST) and Florida Guides Association. Also, the company proudly supports Heroes on the Water. 

One of the products offered by Castalia Outdoors is Rubberized Folding Landing Net, useful on boats, docks and shorelines. It has the lightweight handle, but extra strong anodized aluminum and rubber gripped. It is available in two handle styles : there is an extension model easy to adjust and to lock to desired length and also a model with the fixed length. It features one-hand simple operation for safe and convenient storage. Rubberized Folding Landing Net helps in avoiding hook tangles, it sheds water easily and storage odor is reduced. It can be used for fresh or saltwater.

Barbless hooks are products present for some time, but people are skeptic because of the fear of losing fish without a barbed hook. Maruto Semi-Barbless Treble hook has a unique lock/unlock feature that helps a fisherman to keep the fish until it is ready to be released and there is no barb to create the resistance. It will provide positive hook-ups with less harm to fish and fishermen. The hook point offers a razor profile and it is currently available in sizes 8, 6, 4, 2, 1, 1/0 and 2/0.

For more information on these products or any other outdoor related item that Castalia Outdoors offers, visit http://castaliaoutdoors.com.