Jul 13

bluemarlinhookedThe fascinating waters of Key West are rich with marlin and so, any enthusiastic angler would long for deep sea fishing in this area, and the fishing trips here are indeed made fantastic by a fishing charter named Triple Time. This business is run by a wonderful family of fishermen, the Mercurio family, and the current captain – Captain Joe and his crew strive to make your fishing trip enchanting.

Triple Time charter specializes in offshore, deep sea sport fishing. But you can also enjoy fishing with them wherever you want, like in a hidden spot or close to the reefs. They are in this business for over forty years, and so, they know every cubic inch of the waters of Key West and Florida Keys. And more importantly, they don’t do the job as a job, but as “fun”! And therefore, the excitement, cheerfulness, energy and joy automatically pass on to you. Moreover the spacious luxury, comfort and power of the boat make you forget all the stress and offer you a deep sense of pleasure. To add to the entire wonderment, a 46’ Bertam boat is at your service, along with a short history of your captain and the ever smiling faces of the crew.

Having a fishing tradition in Key West waters for over 40 years starting from Captain Joe Mercurio Sr. in the 40s and 50s, Mercurio family has also developed a keen ecological awareness. Captain Joe Sr. – father of Captain Joe – has passed the tradition to the next two generations. Therefore, the Mercurios value the richness of this sea which occurs in form of an extensive variety of fish – dolphin, swordfish, sailfish and the most coveted catch for any angler – the marlin.

Key West was the home of Nobel Prize winner legendary author and sportsman Ernest Hemingway who brought forth the Sothernmost waters as ideal region for marlin fishing. Though several captains talk about marlin fishing today, only a few actually catch this awesome fish, and our Captain Joe is one of them, as he is very well-acquainted with the position of the fish and knows how to hook them. Watch this exciting marlin fishing video.

It’s a sheer joy to embark on a Key West fishing trip on Triple Time with Captain Joe where you can target marlin and sailfish in the deep blue waters of the Gulfstream, troll for your dinner of mahi mahi or dorado dolphin, explore the reef for snapper or hook the big jacks. Mercurios also provide you a fishing calendar with which you can decide what to target based on the time of the year.

So, if you want to have an unforgettable fishing experience, Key West is your destination where Triple Time’s Captain Joe and his crew are ready to welcome you aboard.