Apr 16

reelsetlogoThe most important item of a fishing equipment is certainly a fishing real. No matter if you are a novice or you have been fishing for decades, knowing how to choose a reel is essential for a successful fishing adventure. If you choose a reel beyond your fishing skill level will make you feel miserably. But, if you choose the one that is below your level, your fishing experience would not be as satisfying as it would be with the right reel. Many things have to be taken into consideration when deciding which fishing reel to buy. In general, there are five fishing reel types: electric, fly fishing, bait casting, open-faced spinning and closed-face spinning reel. Both electric and fly fishing reels are used by advanced fishermen and usually they are designed for some specific situations and fishing techniques. Spinning and bait casting reels are usually used by the most beginner and experienced fishermen.

But, how to choose the right reel even if you know which one type is recommended for your fishing destination and desired catch? Many manufacturers great incredible fishing reels. Are the most expensive reels the best? Sometimes you need to compare the quality and the price before making a final decision. Launched about a year ago, in September 2012, ReelSet.com is a website created by the team of experienced anglers who love fishing and writing about their experience and equipment. International independent anglers located in US, Canada and Russian Federation with a wide range of expertise including spinning, casting, freshwater and saltwater fishing share their impressions, tips and fishing reels reviews. Anybody interested in learning more about fishing and fishing equipment, especially beginners who want to choose affordable, yet quality and appropriate fishing reels should check out this online place and get some useful information.