Jun 15

fly fishing 134Available for only $9.99, “Fly Fishing 134 – for Beginners & Experts” written by Donald Fillmot is an useful guide to the best fly fishing experience.

If you want to learn hot to bring that fish back home, all the right, but also wrong methods of fly fishing, this is one helpful book for you.  What are fly fishing techniques that you can find inside this book? Let’s mention just some of them: How to practice at home? How does a professional fly fisherman find the perfect rod? Learn about methods of changing the hold on the grip under various fishing conditions, four top baits chosen by experts, how to keep dry flies floating longer & higher? How to choose which of 3 reel types is right for you? Learn how to tie the tight knot, 4 ways to make it perfect. What are the things you should look for when picking the fishing line that won’t lose the fish. What about lures? There are five of them you cannot be without if you want to become a successful fly fisherman. Are you interested in fishing at night? Sometimes it’s the only way to fly fish, so learn how to do it appropriately. Also, learn how to fish in coves, from fallen trees etc. How to know which is the perfect spot for the cast? Also, learn how to care for your fishing gear and to maintain rod and reel in order not to trash the investment. What are eight equipment items a real fisherman must never hit the water without?

Here are just some of the important things, tips and ideas you can find in “Fly Fishing 134” by Donald Fillmot. If you are interested in what else you can learn from this fly fishing guide or you want to order this great book online, visit: https://www.createspace.com/4301100.