Nov 23

By the definition, fishing is just an activity of catching fish (and other aquatic animals). Fish are normally caught in the wild using various techniques including netting, angling, hand gathering, spearing and trapping. This practice of providing food is dating back at least 40 thousand years. Modern fishing is also hobby or recreational sport. Fishing is more than a food providing work but also a community and cultural identity in communities such as fishing villages.

But, for the most fishermen, either professional or recreational, fishing is even more than an activity providing money or fun, it is the way of living. They like to share tips, destinations, recipes and techniques amongst themselves. Fishermen like to share their experience and to spread the word about their catch. And now, they have an emerging opportunity for this. There is a global fishing social network: The world wide fishing club.

This is the perfect place for fishermen to share their photos, albums, experience and tips with their fishing friends from all around the globe. Signing in or joining is very convenient and easy and users only have to have their e-mail address or other social networks accounts in order to be a part of this global fishing social network. The rest is even easier. This website has forum, poll and chat application so everyone is able to find some new fun and interesting fishing friend and to learn about new ways and techniques for catching certain fish type from the real fishermen from every continent.

This creative social network is something all fishing lovers have deserved. For more information and to join this interesting fishing club, visit and you will not regret it!