Jun 2

fishbone luresIt won’t be wrong to say that fishing lure is the most important fishing gear. Obviously a good angler is always in search of high quality, flawless fishing lure. Such a lure attracts big fishes easily and give the angler the pleasure of getting a nice catch. If you are in search of high quality perfect lures, I suggest you to visit Fishbone Lures – a plastics company dedicated to the production of swimbaits which they design to create a bigger sonar footprint in the water. You will be amazed to see the vast range of fishing lures they have.

Main Design Philosophy

The main design philosophy of Fishbone Lures is based on catering to the lateral line of predators. They put the larger tails, at a perpendicular position, and later groove the bodies of their baits. Because of this a heavier thump and a bigger sonar “footprint” is created in the water. The entire bait is used as a sounding board, which sends signals out to make it easy for the predators to find their food.

Let’s have a look at some of the awesome swimbaits of Fishbone Lures.

Caramel Apple is a unique diamond shaped swimbait with a relatively large tail which creates such a strong oscillating motion that the head of the bait moves like a real fish. Even the grooves in the body are uniquely designed so as to serve two purposes – one, to increase the surface area to magnify the amplitude of vibrations in the water, and two, to retain more scent for a longer time. The fanned “butterfly” tail of the bait is significantly sized, but thin too, which facilitates it to sway nimbly with just a little effort. Thus this is the bait a fish can never resist!

caramel apple

And this is Ravens which too has a unique diamond shape and large tail producing an oscillating movement resembling a real fish. Its uniquely designed grooves increase the surface area and retain more scent. Thus this too is an irresistible lure for fishes.


And this one is named White


And this superb one is Spanish Shawl

spanish shawl

And take a look at this fantastic one – this is Lady Luck Glow….

lady luck glow

And there are Stalker Trout, Electric Smell, Bloody Anchovie, Blue Cheese, Anchovie, Glow Black Flake, Motor Oil Red Flake and many more extremely attractive swimbaits.

Plus, they have a variety of hooks too. And they also have fishing apparel and special items. They have Gift Certificates for purchase too, through which you can buy any of their merchandise on Fishbone Lures at any time.

Take a look at the wide range of fishing products of Fishbone Lures and you are going to fall in love with them.