Jun 13

hatchery_dust_468_bigOriginally invented to imitate the flavor of food real trout hatchery would like to eat, dough bait is available on the market for years. To cut a long story short, stroked trout know the taste of hatchery pellets, having been raised to feed on them their entire lives. And, yes, they do love it. However, real hatchery trout food can be found only in the form and shape of hard dry hatchery pellets and there are no ways to stick this food on a hook and to keep it there. It seems that it’s useless and impossible to fish trout with. 

Well, there is a new promising way to overcome this problem: Lip Ripperz “Hatchery Dust” is an micro-powder of an extreme power to supercharge and enhance all Dough baits. By rolling dough into Hatchery dust, you will be able to fish with a real trout pellet. The producer claims that this bait is so good that it should be illegal to use. It seems by the customers reviews that it is true.

Fishing with Hatchery dust might be one great experience, probably the best fishing ever. The scent is on the outside on the bait and it makes trout readily swallow it, plus the scent and flavor milk off the bait in water drawing in more fish and from greater distances. For that reason, also, it’s important to re-apply this micro-powder often. In addition, Hatchery dust has a holographic glitter, too.

Currently, Hatchery Dust is available in 2 sizes: 1 oz or 3 oz and in 5 flavors: natural, garlic mealworm, garlic crawler, super garlic and super cheese. This product is available at Walmart, Big 5, Kmart, Turners Outdoorsman, Bass Pro Shops and also many independent retailers.

Check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lGmuCqcJQg. For more information, check out the website: http://www.lipripperz.com/.