Jun 9
Online communities and social networks connecting people with similar hobbies and lifestyle are increasingly popular in recent years. It is incredible and fun to share your experiences with people from all around the world. When it comes to fishing, it is the same. Fishermen, no matter professional or amateur, like to share their experiences, tips and techniques with other fishing lovers. Brigham Brewer, known as nimrod243 from Oregon has created My Hunting & Fishing online community. Since December of 2008, Brigham has been inviting all fishers and hunters to join the community, share their know-hows and catches are enjoy having fun and making friendships with similar people all around the globe.
People always trust words of mouth more than reading books and magazines and therefore social networks and online communities of this type are wonderful way of telling your story and reading other people’s stories. It is always nice being at the same place with other real people, with real troubles and solutions, who you can contact and connect with if you have more questions or doubts. Luckily, we have now online places to do this in a more convenient and practical way and to chat and have fun with people from distant countries and cities. My Hunting & Fishing is a nice place for all the outdoor activities lovers who would like to help other people and learn and improve their techniques in these activities. Sharing photos, videos and manuals is nowadays easier than ever and therefore on this and similar websites you can really find out a lot of useful tips and tricks.
If you are interested in telling your amazing stories, helping novices and experienced outdoor activity lovers, become a member of My Hunting & Fishing. Visit http://www.myhuntingfishing.com/ and have enjoyable time! We wish you tight lures and happy hunting!