Apr 17

me and mexican gunboatsEverybody has a childhood dream and many kids dream to live on the sea. But, how many adults have achieved their childhood goals? It is such a rarity. All of you who read this are fishing lovers, many of you prefer saltwater fishing. If you have dreamed about life on the boat, still you find your feet stuck in the sand, here is the book for you. The book that depicts what could have happened if you chose to live your dream. Or, if you are a captain or you have spent some days on the sea, these stories will bring back those lovely, happy and sometimes bitter memories.

Me and the Mexican Gunboats” happens in the Gulf of Mexico and the author has written a collection of sea stories that have actually happened to him. William L. Payne, a native Galvestonian hasn’t written about some easy short trips with successful fishing catch and wonderful experiences. He has told story about trips that didn’t go as they had been planned.

If you like books, or perhaps prefer lovely sea life stories, this is the book for you. Order your “Me and the Mexican Gunboats” book today for only $9.95. For more information and if you decide to order it, check out mexicangunboats.com.