Jan 9

Fishermen prefer to go fishing, but sometimes we all love to do something else while relaxing or we are not able to throw our angles at that moment. Therefore, fun and interesting games are a nice way to spend some free time and to enjoy. Russian Fishing – android game is a nice way to spend some relaxing and exciting moments. Of course, fishing games will by no means compensate not going fishing, but if you look for a fun way to kill few minutes, check this game out!

Russian Fishing game rules are simple: choose a fishing spot, cast your rod and wait until you feel the bite! Of course, not every gear would be appropriate for every fish, so you have to sell your catch in order to purchase better gear in the shop. The game is quite exciting, although it would be better if it was more “Russian”. We did not feel too much of “Russian” vibe while playing it. But, the bottle of vodka is certainly a good way of feeling like in Russia.