Feb 2

How do we call the person with an incredible devotion to fishing and fishing gear and gadgets – The Fishing Geek. It does not have to be the best fisherman in the world or in any fishing category. All you have to do is to love fishing. So, I’m sure that many fishermen are in fact fishing geeks. The one amongst us made his website showing his fishing reports, tips and hacks. Located in Grass Valley, California and surrounded by many lovely lakes and rivers to fish. He started fishing a few years ago and was total novice, so he had to gather information in order to be able to catch the fish, and this way he actually created StreamCharts (pocket guide for Trout fly fishing), published it and now it is available to be purchased.

Fishing reports on the Fishing Geek website include his fishing adventures, some of them are extremely and some of them not. Every experience has its own value and from some we learn while others make us happy and jolly. The Fishing Geek’s destinations are Florida Keys and the waters of Northern California. Englebright Lake, Lower Yuba River, Rollins Lake, Costa Rica, Lower Scotts Flat Lake – fishing reports since June 7, 2011. If you are interested in fishing tips and gadgets and want to read real fisherman’s stories and to see real photographs of fishing destinations and catches, check out thefishinggeek.com and certainly you will enjoy it.